Human Resources

Human Resources


Our HR policy, in HR processes and HR procurement in all companies affiliated with BSB Grup, aims to contribute to the development of our company by paying attention to the employees’ opinions by providing equal opportunities to employees, transparency, creating a participatory management environment, contributing to employee development through relevant trainings, in line with the principles and procedures regarding the performance and development of the employee, basic rights, responsibilities and other personal processes.

  1. Determining and implementing human resources policies in line with our group’s corporate goals and ethical values.

  2. To maintain / increase the loyalty of our employees to the institution in a fair and safe working environment where all employees can benefit from equal opportunities.

  3. Identifying the needs of our group in terms of human resources on site and placing a human resources policy that will provide the right staff for the right job.

  4. To ensure that the human resource profile in our group; consists of individuals who are spiritually integrated with their organization, have ethical principles, ideals and have the desire to move their personal development forward in time.

  5. To ensure that the objectives of the organization and individuals overlap, thereby increasing the motivation of the employee in line with improving his / her own performance and ultimately rewarding those who are successful in this direction.

  6. To ensure the personal development of the employees through training programs that will be prepared in accordance with the skills and professional needs of the employees.

  7. While selecting new individuals to join the group, to evaluate each individual with his own qualities, nature, professional and human qualities in accordance with our 60-year cultural heritage, without any discrimination based on race, religion, language, gender and political thought.

 Human Resources